Terms and Conditions

To be allowed to play games on the JVSpin site you should know and follow the rules of the site.

General principles and conditions of use

Here, you will find out about all the principles and conditions of use JVSpin.

  1. Introductory part. This article is based on all the necessary information that you may need to know about terms and conditions;
  2. Directions. By following the directions you will easily be able to understand what to do in certain situations;
  3. Corrections of conditions of use. From time to time, conditions of use may be corrected or changed, and you can learn the changes in the “Terms and Conditions” part;
  4. Legal requirements for players. Players are required to have only one account and provide their phone number, email, and other necessary information.

Opening a gaming account

For opening a gaming account, you need to think of a username, password, as well as provide identifying information that the website asks you to.

Initial deposit and withdrawal of money from the game account

You can deposit money to your gaming account by pressing the “Deposit” button and following the instructions, as well as withdraw money by pressing the “Withdraw” button.

Verifying your account and confirming your identity

You may need to verify your account. This is done so that you don’t get scammed and get your account secured. It’s done by providing your identifying information.

  1. General Terms of Use;
  2. Verification of your account. Verification of your account is requested to protect your account from stealing data, as well as to ensurement of legal play;
  3. Verification of email and cell phone number. Verification of email and cell phone numbers is requested to be able to restore your account if you’ve forgotten your password, as well as for the support team to have some way to contact you if necessary;
  4. Verifying your identity. Verification of identity involves providing personal information such as passport information and is done so that you don’t lie when playing;
  5. Confirmation of home address. Confirmation of home address is required to prove your identity and for safety purposes;
  6. Verification of bank account or other payment systems. To be able to use your payment system, verification is necessary, to confirm that you’re the original user of the bank account that you’re using;
  7. Preservation and complete confidentiality of your personal data. After presenting all the information above, some time may be needed to completely confirm your personal data. This data is stored in our servers, that’s why nobody can use it in any way.

Privacy policy

If you have some questions about the overall privacy, you can check the “Privacy policy” article of the website, to find all the necessary information.

  1. Your anonymity. If you’re wondering about whether or not you’re safe using the website, don’t worry, your actions are completely anonymous, and nobody except you will know about your actions;
  2. Consent to the processing of your personal data. You will be requested to allow the processing of your personal data. This is done so that your account will be secured;
  3. Methods of obtaining information. If you need information, you can either read the FAQ or contact the support team;
  4. Ways to obtain and process personal information;
  5. The use of the information obtained;
  6. Disclosure of data;
  7. Access to the data;
  8. Saved files and Cookie files;
  9. Confirmation of the use of service providers;
  10. Confirmation of security checks;
  11. Security;
  12. Protection from minors;
  13. Transmission of information to another country or authorities;
  14. Relationship of other parties;
  15. Disclaimer;
  16. Consent to confidentiality policy.

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